Hardware and Software Evolution in 2012

I will start with the summary for people who are in a hurry: when buying a new laptop I will recommend to buy the new generation of laptops because are faster and powerful and less energy-consuming which mean a better portability. If you intend to buy an Apple it is no problem, Apple just changed its models and you can benefit of the software changes at no extra charge when will be released in this summer. If you want a windows based, I suggest to wait for Windows 8 to be release this autumn. Windows 8 is made for portability. As hardware point of view: Intel Core Ivy Bridge processor is the 3rd generation of Intel processors, smaller, powerful, faster and less energy-consuming – better portability. Solid-state drive is far faster than a hard disk drive. The other components of the laptop should be chosen based on what you are going to do with your laptop. For Chromebooks lovers, happy shopping!

The Innovations in Computing Technology

The PC is my work tool, the laptop is my work when I am away, the smart phone is part of our every day life and the tablet… the tablet I can name it the indulgence of my life. Like me is everybody. Too many tools like these around us? May be.  This is why hardware designers try so many alternative in 2012. Laptops which have a double function: laptops and tablets, smart phones which are phones and tablets in same time…

You may need a new laptop. Maybe is better to wait a bit. The very next months will change the computing world! What to expect from a new laptop?

Intel 3rd Generation of Processors

Let’s start with beginning. First on the list is the processor – the new generation of INTEL processors. More powerful, less consuming, more portable, smaller devices.

In 2012, Intel shrinks the Sandy Bridge (2011 processor – 2nd generation) microarchitecture down to the 22-nanometer process (a nearly 30 percent drop in size from the existing 32nm chips). The resulting new CPUs, code-named Ivy Bridge, promise even better power savings and performance, much as the last two processor generations did. Core i5 and Corei7 “Ivy Bridge” processors is available begining with the second quarter 2012.




Windows 8

Windows 8 is Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. Windows 8 is an all-new touch interface. Windows 8 is a new Windows for new devices.

Windows 8 represents a remaing of Windows. As you can see in the above video, Windows 8 delivers a fast, fluid and no-compromise experience.

We can expect Windows 8 to be launched sometime in mid-late 2012.

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