Move website – CMS Made Simple

This is not a “click and have it” stuff.

We  were using this method for more than 2 years in commercial environment. It is 99.99% working.

1. As a basic website, a CMS made simple based website is done real very well. The single file you will have to change is config.php

2. Backup your website using an ft client, filezilla or dreamweaver for example

3. Backup your database as following. Login on the “phpMyAdmin” from your hosting provider, go into the database and export all tables into a file on your local computer. Do not export the database because you need to export tables only. On the new location database the name may be different. Make a note with what character set the database is using there, on that hosting. May be utf8 may be something else.

4. If you have modules installed into your CMS it is better to have knowledge about how every single module is working. One real problem may be when that module has written into database, in its own tables hard links (file uploaded for example).

5. Do note delete the website from old location before getting it working in the new location. You may need it to compare value or even to copy data across.

6. Be aware that in the new location all requirements of installing a CMS Made Simple must be met. If it is a hosting company usually they (requirements) are met but if it is your environment, it is better to configure it properly firstly.

7. Be sure you have ftp connections details (ftp server url, name and password) and mysql details (mysql server url, database name, database user and database password).

8. Restore the website in the new location

9. Upload all website files into the new location. Give proper permission to tmp and uploads folder and subfolders. may be module folder and other folders if you have module with specific permission requirements installed. If you have modules which you suspect that may have written into database the hard links then edit the sql file (unzip it if it was compressed) and do a “search-replace” of a old path to the new hard path. Compress file back if it is applicable.

10. Login on the “phpMyAdmin” from your hosting provider. Go into the database which you have and import data from the sql where you have exported all tables. It will be good the new database to have the same character set like the old one. If they are not the same you may have on website many strange characters displayed. If it will happen you must fix them one by one editing, correcting and saving every page with problems.

11. Edit config.php
– Look for the following lines and change details according to your real details

Save it.

Check the website in the new location. If you get the “maintenance mode then go in remote location and delete the file” tmp/cache/SITEDOWN.html.
but what if does not work as before ???

a) check confif file and be 100% that the path (url and absolute) si correct.
– To check the URL is simple, should be what you have in browser
– To check the absolute path, create a .php file with one line echo __FILE__; , upload it on your server in root and load it in browser. You will get the path you need.

b) it is nonsense but it works: go to admin, edit and submit all pages, block content and your own tags. No need to change something, just Submit!

c) if the tiniMCE display no toolbar, not graphic WYSIWYG interface, then go to its administrative interface : Modules->TinyMCE WYSIWYG -> Advanced and check the box Use static config file: In 99% of cases it will fix your problem. In our case it helped us at all times,

d) If you get Truetype-Directory is not readable!, you have Captcha installed.
Captcha keeps in database the path to your font folder so even if you will delete all files from temp/template_c the problem will not be solved.
How to fix:
– export database in an SQL file, edit that file replace the old “hard path” with the new “hard path” and then import back the CMS Made Simple module.
– Uninstall and install Capcha. There is no problem because Capcha has no CMS Made Simple module dependency.

Made Simple is a robust CMS but it has two issues (very disturbing)

  • store (and alter) php code in database. This “disease” you find in Drupall, Modex, Jumla..
  • free community hard keep track with the developers of the system and module that worked in one version does not work i the next one. IS your website, that’s fine, you manage but if you put in production for clients than THAT IS BAD

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