Web Hosting has a very important impact on your website

Web Hosting has a very important impact on your website and you have to choose it with care. Your website availability, your website safety, your website speed and so on are directly dependent of where your website is hosted.

All online businesses are based on creating an online trusting and you do not want to ruin this trust with a bad hosting.

Always a reliable hosting will mean that the actual web server is physically placed on a secure data centre starting with reliable business internet connection, continuous air conditioning, secured access to the server, reliable backup devices, antivirus & firewall protection,  additional source of power supply and so on. All these will result in considerable big deploying costs, so the price of hosting your website cannot be the cheapest one.

But there are out there on the market companies that claim that they are doing web hosting and offer a duping price. The difference between web hosting hosted on true data centre and let’s called it “free lancing web hosting services” is enormous. “Free lancing web hosting services” risks can be:

  • Poor website availability. The server can be down for long periods of time because accidents such as: power supply down time, faulting hardware, internet connection down time etc. Days or weeks of website downtime will make you to lose potential business opportunities.
  • Data loose in the event of system crush or Virus & Warm infections
  • Possibility of virus & warms infection when connect your computer directly to the web server to update or backup your website
  • Poor or inexistent access to your website management tool. You have no control over your website.
  • Your website visitors can be redirected from your website and their details can be stolen. You are by law responsible for your website visitors’ safety.
  • A slow website loading will make you to lose part of your website potential visitors.
  • Free lancer will simply give up servicing web hosting and you will be forced to find another provider that for you mean stress and losing time and money.

All this risk when occur, and it is a big chance to happen this, will make you lose business opportunities and thus this money, lose time to fix the problem and lots of stress. This is the point when paying more for your website hosting is worth it. Actually you invest in availability and good website functionality.

For Australian businesses reliable web hosting solution is a reliable Australian data centre to assure an optimum website loading speed.

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